Data-driven Workplace Safety: Ergonomics Awareness Training and Analytics with AI and Wearables

Ergonomics awareness training

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace safety, the challenges posed by ergonomic injuries stand as significant obstacles for managers across industries. Due to the shortage of skilled labor, the aging workforce, and high turnover rates, the pressing need to address these challenges has never been more critical. Fortunately, the fusion of wearables and artificial intelligence […]

Matching the right exoskeleton in 1 simple step with AI-driven ergonomics

AI, Exoskeletons, Exosuits, ergonomics and Analytics

  What if AI could find the best workforce augmentation solution for specific manual tasks?   Technology cannot substitute in-field testing or expert feedback, but intelligent digital tools can empower everyone involved in the implementation of workforce augmentation solutions to streamline the whole process, making it easier, faster, and more data-driven. When it comes to workforce […]

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Exoskeleton Implementation (Part 1)

Exoskeleton implementation roadmap, best practices, and metrics. Even if there is no silver bullet for exoskeleton implementation, they can be successfully integrated into daily manual operation by following the right guidelines, best practices, and metrics.   Ergonomic injuries are one of the most common workplace injury categories today. In fact, estimates suggest that over 30% […]

Expert Perspectives: Human Capital Management

What are the top challenges faced by organizations that want to implement digital solutions in Human Resources? Human Resources is typically an area with several back-office processes occurring regular basis (monthly / yearly), such as payroll, learning plans, and others.  Nowadays, the challenge is to use real-time and predictive technologies to move from a static […]

Expert Perspectives: Industrial Exoskeletons

What is the current state of exoskeletons to support heavy-duty workers? Occupational exoskeletons are gradually becoming a mainstream topic among industrial stakeholders. Nowadays, the automotive sector is taking the lead in the adoption of this technology, followed by the logistics and construction sectors. However, occupational exoskeletons are not yet showing their full potential. Current bottlenecks […]

Expert Perspectives: Operations Management

What are the top challenges faced by operations managers nowadays? The pandemic has changed the world, and thus, new challenges have arisen. Operations managers have to deal with traditional challenges related to people, communication, globalization, customer satisfaction, productivity, and reporting, while fostering the introduction of new technologies. How do you foresee the role of an […]

Empowerment beyond current Safety and Health standards

When it comes to occupational safety and health (HSE/OSH), the preventive standards available nowadays are very important. In fact, compared to 1974, the number of fatal injuries at work has decreased by around 90% and that has a lot to do with the successful implementation of HSE equipment and processes. However, the world has changed, […]

Improve workers’ safety & health with wearables & AI

An elephant in the room,  the current human and cost burden of safety & health at work According to the European Union, some 476 billion euros is lost each year in Europe due to work-related ill-health and injury. Wearables used at work, enabled by cloud computing and artificial intelligence, can be a cost-effective way to […]

Why wearables are an important piece for Industry 4.0

why wearables are important in industry

Executive Summary Industry 4.0 opens a new era of productivity leaps through an unprecedent amount of data along the entire supply chain. Over the last couple of years, companies have made a great effort to prepare themselves for industry 4.0. While some companies are already harvesting productivity gains, other companies are still at an earlier […]