Expert Perspectives: Health Promotion at the Workplace

What are the top challenges faced by organizations nowadays regarding workers’ health and well-being?

The pandemic has forced organizations to adapt the way they work very fast. Many of them were not prepared for such a drastic change. In many cases, this has led to job insecurity, which has a direct impact on workers’ mental well-being. Besides, the pandemic has shed light on another challenge organizations are facing: the transformation towards digitalization and automation. New technologies bring a wide array of opportunities but also a new set of responsibilities for workers and organizations. Therefore, it is very important to have a strong company culture that promotes a people-centered approach to technology.

What strategies would you recommend to overcome these challenges?

The first step I would recommend is awareness, particularly from those in leadership roles. Leaders have to understand that it is not enough to communicate the importance of health promotion at the workplace, they must lead by example and become role models for their organizations. This is particularly relevant in the area of mental health which has become more and more important over the last decade.

What role can wearable technology have within those strategies?

When it comes to health and well-being at the workplace, wearables can help to reinforce positive behaviors and foster awareness across the board. At an individual level, wearables can help workers to understand how their workload affects them physically and mentally, and recommend personalized actions to balance out the risks. At an organizational level, they can show leaders objective data about the impact of preventive strategies and enable an automatic feedback loop for continuous improvement.

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