Energy & Utilities​

The vast number of maintenance tasks in hazardous environments requires full alertness and a continuously open safety & health dialogue across the board.

Top Risks

Protecting Energy & Utilities Workers​

Most energy & utilities workers perform maintenance tasks in hazardous environments every day, including work at height, in high voltage areas, and in confined spaces. Besides, some maintenance workers work alone, meaning that if they suffer from an accident, it could go unnoticed. Now, with WearHealth’s AI-driven risk prevention, it is possible to ensure safe work execution while engaging workers in prevention by providing: 

  • Proactive biofeedback: to notify workers whenever they perform hazardous tasks fatigued or lacking alertness

  • Smart safety reminders: about personal protective equipment and safety rules when and where they are needed the most

  • Automatic emergency alerts: to warn in real-time whenever a lone worker suffers an accident and requires immediate assistance

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