Automatization, competitive pressures and the ageing workforce stresses the importance of keeping the workforce fit for work now and in the future.

Top Risks

Protecting Manufacturing Workers​​

Many manufacturing workers working on production-related duties must perform repetitive tasks, move heavy equipment, and deal with time pressure to reach productivity targets. However, the physical and mental strain they build up over time tends to go unnoticed until it is too late, and leads to musculoskeletal diseases, burnout, and worker turnover.

Now, with WearHealth's AI-driven risk prevention it is possible to keep production workers fit for work now and in the future, while making safety and health a competitive advantage by:

  • Mapping hidden human risks: to raise awareness across the board with objective insights and open up the preventive dialog between managers and workers

  • Enhancing preventive training: with objective insights from real operations and microlearning pills that boost worker engagement and long-term adherence to preventive actions.​

  • Assessing how to optimize operations: with objective information about the impact of operations and support tools such as exoskeletons on the workforce.​

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