Unlock Workforce Safety, Health and Productivity

AI-driven performance analytics to optimize safety, health, and productivity during repetitive, heavy-duty, and hazardous operations

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What we do​

WearHealth’s Artificial Intelligence empowers organizations to reduce mistakes, accidents, and absenteeism by providing them with an easy and effective way to continuously prevent risks caused by human factors.​

Reduce worker turnover​ up to 33%

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Safety & Health Companion
For Workers ​​​​

Empowering workers to safely execute heavy-duty
and hazardous operations​

WearHealth’s Safety & Health Companion App uses Artificial Intelligence to transform vast amounts of wearable, human resources, and operational data into individualized alerts and advice for workers to prevent hidden human risks leading to mistakes, accidents, and absenteeism.

Personalized biofeedback

To prevent workers from doing hazardous tasks overloaded or lacking alertness.

Smart safety reminders

To reinforce the importance of safety guidelines during hazardous operations .

Workforce Intelligence
For Managers​

Empowering managers to keep their teams safe, healthy, and productive ​

WearHealth’s Workforce Intelligence's algorithms correlate wearable, human resources, and operational data to provide easy to interpret anonymized KPIs that pinpoint how the workforce is really doing and what could be done to reduce operational risks leading to high worker turnover.

Team benchmarking

To assess how the workload and safety behaviors of your team compare to others.

Operational correlations

To open up the safety and health dialog and make better operational decisions.

How it works


A substantial advantage is that we are informed when the signals of our body change and can reflect on the situation.
Peter Gertischke
Head of Data and Engineering
Luca Di Stefano
Head of Network devices, IoT and Robotics
An in-depth evaluation with wearables helped us to understand the impact of exoskeletons on our workers during real operations and plan a step-by-step rollout.
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Alfonso Melón Nicolas
Alfonso Melón Nicolas
Industrial Organization Leader, +22 years of experience
Operations managers can obtain context-rich information to get a better picture of all the resources in the plant and acquire a deeper feel for the real impact of daily operations on the workforce
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Reduce worker turnover​ up to 33%

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