Empower your workers with the right safety technologies

AI and industry benchmarks to find, validate and implement the best workforce augmentation solutions to reduce injuries, improve well-being and boost efficiency

Personalised list of exoskeleton

Exoskeleton match making solution

Keeping your manual workers fit for work now and in the future

Shortage of skilled labor, ageing of the manual workforce and high absenteeism rates due to ergonomic injuries make investing to improve workers’ safety, health, and well-being more important than ever before.

Connecting the right workforce solutions However, implementing preventive workforce augmentation technologies is too complex, costly, and time-consuming.

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Data-driven, fast &
cost-effective implementations

Needs assessment and solution matching

Our AI analyses the ergonomic risks of specific manual
tasks and suggest the best preventive solutions

  • Easy to use video-based analytics
  • Science and international standards driven-database
  • Highest data privacy and security standards
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In-field validation

Our AI helps you to assess the impact of preventive
interventions in real operational environments and
make the best decisions

  • Easy to use sensor-based analytics
  • Before and after assessment
  • ROI calculation

Automated monitoring to track progress

Promote long-lasting behavioural change across your
organization with clear KPIs and high worker

  • Proactive safety recommendations
  • Risk management tracking
  • KPI tracking
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Exoskeleton Matchmaking tool

Personalised list of exoskeletons

Exoskeleton Case Studies

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Occupational exoskeletons

Learn how an in-depth evaluation with wearables helped to understand the impact of exoskeletons on workload during real operations and plan a step-by-step rollout.


A substantial advantage is that we are informed when the signals of our body change and can reflect on the situation.

Peter Gertischke
Head of Data and Engineering
Luca Di Stefano
Head of Network devices, IoT and Robotics
An in-depth evaluation with wearables helped us to understand the impact of exoskeletons on our workers during real operations and plan a step-by-step rollout.

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Alfonso Melón Nicolas
Alfonso Melón Nicolas
Industrial Organization Leader, +22 years of experience
Operations managers can obtain context-rich information to get a better picture of all the resources in the plant and acquire a deeper feel for the real impact of daily operations on the workforce
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