Understand your workforce

Keep your workers safe, healthy and productive now and in the future by making
better decisions with wearables and objective AI-driven insights

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Workforce Monitoring Platform

Real time objective insights

Main benefits

  • Objectivity: in-depth workload insights and alerts based on physiological markers

  • Scalability: workforce level evaluations and recommendations with low hardware investment

  • Adaptability select your preferred 3rd party wearable, operational correlations and analytics

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WearHealth’s Workforce Monitoring Platform helps organizations promote the highest safety and health standards while improving productivity by mapping hidden human risks in real time with wearables / IoT and using AI-driven insights to move from reactive to proactive and predictive prevention.

Informed cross-team decisions

AI-driven Preventive Process

Cross team decisions AI driven

Preventive process in simple steps

  • Set goals: define KPIs based on operational and HSE needs and communicate them with the target workforce groups

  • Collect data: the mobile app and the wearables collect biometric and operational data from workers

  • Get insights: managers receive anonymised workforce-level recommendations through the dashboard

  • Take action: managers make HSE and operational interventions based on objective workload data

  • Evaluate: monitor the impact of the HSE and operational interventions implemented on workload

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