Preventing workload risks ​

Balance workload with our AI-driven insights and recommendations based on objective data from wearables to prevent accidents, mistakes and absenteeism at work.​

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WearHealth’s Workforce Monitoring Platform helps organizations promote the highest safety and health standards while improving productivity by mapping hidden human risks in real time with wearables / IoT and using AI-driven insights to move from reactive to proactive and predictive prevention.

Beyond Traditional Standards​

Cross team decisions AI driven

The workforce is increasingly qualified, smaller and older so, to remain competitive over the long term, companies must achieve a balanced workload that promotes the highest safety & health standards and operational efficiency.

However, current subjective workload assessment methods based on traditional HSE standards tend to be too reactive and generic to proactively prevent workload risks, and thus, companies still struggle to reduce human risks and inefficiencies that can lead to mistakes, accidents and absenteeism.

Objective Workload Insights​

WearHealth’s self-learning Workload Analytics and recommendations consider both the individual physiological state of the worker and the ever-changing operational context so that workers and managers are empowered to proactively create and implement tailored-made preventive measures to improve safety, health and productivity at work​

Workload Monitoring Platform​

Key innovative features

  • Objective: reliable analytics based on scientifically validated physiological biomarkers

  • Industry-focused: anonymized workload insights and recommendations tailored to work-related use cases​

  • Adaptable: select the wearables, analytics and operational correlations that best suits your needs​


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