Prevent injuries, reduce costs, and increase retention

WearHealth helps companies to increase workplace safety, health, and productivity with AI, Wearables, and Exoskeletons.

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Elevate Your Industry's Ergonomic Safety with WearHealth's AI-driven Solutions

3 out of 5 workers report musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) complaints

Injury rates and employee turnover in physically demanding are on the rise. These challenges are particularly prominent due to a scarcity of skilled labor, an aging workforce, and heightened absenteeism rates, impacting various industries.
AI-empowered workplaces for proactive safety

Improve Ergonomic Safety with WearHealth’s AI-driven Wearable Solutions


Intelligent wearables to help workers to perform their tasks ergonomically safe in real-time

Exoskeleton Implementation

Offloading the impact of heavy and highly repetitive duties with the right exoskeletons


Dashboard with objective insights and trends to reduce risks of injury, and improve safety and productivity

Champion risks and cost reduction with WearHealth's AI

up to 78%
Reduction of risks due to unsafe postures and repetitions
up to 40%
Reduction of risks due to heavy loads and repetitive tasks
230% ROI
Due to less injuries, absenteeism and costs

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