Our mission:

Empower sustainable workplaces for today and tomorrow

How it all began
WearHealth is a spin-off from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen, Germany, where the core technology was validated based on more than 10 years of research in AI, machine learning, and wearable computing.
Our pillars for human centered solutions


Cutting-edge technology based on extensive research and infield validations.

Industry standards

Our solutions consistently meet and exceed the highest standards, adhering to validated guidelines to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.


To remain at the forefront of innovation, we foster continuous development of our technology by collaborating with renowned researchers and industry leaders

A multidisciplinary team of experts
Our advisors
Our research partners
To remain and the forefront of technology, we work closely with renowned research institutions in innovative projects in the area work AI, safety, health, and process engineering.
Innovative research projects
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