Expert Perspectives: Human Capital Management

What are the top challenges faced by organizations that want to implement digital solutions in Human Resources?

Human Resources is typically an area with several back-office processes occurring regular basis (monthly / yearly), such as payroll, learning plans, and others.  Nowadays, the challenge is to use real-time and predictive technologies to move from a static to a more dynamic relationship between companies and employees. That means offering benefits beyond the salary such as flexibility in work schedules, tailored training, wearables to promote health at work, and others.

What piece of advice would you give to organizations looking to speed-up innovation in Human Resources?

I suggest organizations move to Cloud with the back-office applications as the backbone of innovation. This is the starting point so companies can benefit from connecting to several innovative technologies to ramp up their level of innovation. For example, this approach facilitates open innovation, which is a great way to collaborate with startups that are experts in new technologies and can add a lot of value in a short period of time.

What role can innovations such as wearable-driven analytics have in the future of Human Resources?

In Human Resources, wearable-driven analytics will be instrumental to enrich HR Admins’ and Managers’ decision-making regarding hidden health risks caused by physical and mental workload. This will have a major impact on core business areas by preventing accidents and absenteeism, predicting learning needs, forecasting talent needs, and organizing work schedules based on the work demands and employee availability.

Employees, particularly millennials, will be very keen to use mobile and other wearable devices to interact and collaborate with multiple stakeholders (management, team members, vendors, former employees, expert communities, etc.). As a result, data-driven companies will be more flexible to adapt to the continuous changes in the business and operational environment.