Building the world’s largest database for workforce augmentation solutions.

The AI platform that enables data-driven implementations of safety technologies by leveraging computer vision, wearables, biomechanics and ergonomics.

WearHealth Platform

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The WearHealth data collection App integrates the most accurate wearable sensors and enables the recording of video and user feedback. In the cloud, AI will generate task insights and customized reports designed by experts to find, validate and implement the right workforce solutions.

  • Validated and standards-based Analytics
  • Customised insights and solutions recommendations
  • Comfortable wearables. No expert support needed
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Video-driven analytics

Combining video recordings and task descriptions to accurately measure movement and posture risks to match with potential preventive solutions at the workplace.

  • Mobile app use when on the go
  • Cloud based AI
  • Customised solution recommendation
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Sensor-driven analytics

Sensor data provide load scores for shoulder, back and lower limb and the overall physiological load. This is merged with the characteristics of specific workforce solutions to objectively measure the solution utilisation score.

  • Sensor placement only on specific areas
  • Easy to wear and rotate
  • No integration or hardware purchase needed

In-depth reports

Customized report to decide on the ideal solution based on potential effectiveness and usability for relevant tasks.

  • Based on accurate data from motion and biosensors
  • Validated insights and industry benchmarks
  • Design by data scientists, ergonomists and biomedical engineers
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Our top reports

Designed by expert biomedical engineers and ergonomists

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Matchmaking report

Get the free list of potential exoskeletons matching to your manual operations.

  • Free report
  • In less than 1 minute
  • Discover available exoskeletons
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Pre-screening report

Customised report to prioritise tasks to optimise and decide on the ideal solution based potential effectiveness and usability.

  • Risk assessment
  • Task solution fit
  • Solutions recommendation
Impact assessment report no shade | WearHealth

Impact assessment report

Customised report to to assess and objectively showcase the support provided by the solution to the workforce.

  • Before and after assessment
  • Implementation factors
  • ROI

Validated and standards-based Analytics

Our team of data scientists, biomedical engineers, and ergonomists, design and validate our algorithms, analytics and recommendations based on industry guidelines and international standards. To remain at the forefront of the technological state-of-the-art at all times we partner with leading German and European research institutions.

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