Smart Training with AI-driven Wearables

WearHealth Smart Training provides haptic feedback to workers to improve their postures and reduce injuries due to high-risk manual handling

WearHealth Smart Training

Automated ergonomic posture training to prevent costly injuries

Our advanced AI-driven wearables provide ergonomic safety haptic feedback in real-time, driving behavioural improvements and generating valuable risk insights to increase awareness and cultivate a culture of safety that is anticipatory and proactive.

WearHealth Analytics

Actionable insights for monitoring progress and effectively mitigating ergonomic risks.

Harnessing the continuous data from our wearables and aligning with ergonomic standards, our advanced AI-driven analytics offer actionable insights into the impact of the training programs and unveiling opportunities to mitigate risks effectively.
Smart Training

Improve workplace ergonomics safety while fostering a culture of proactive risk management with the potential of WearHealth Training and Analytics

Reduce injuries

Reduce injuries

Proactively reduce the risks of injuries due to unsafe postures and repetitions.

Reduce sick leave

Reduce sick leave and absenteeism

Create a safe and healthy workplace through ergonomic processes and environments.

Increase retention

Increase retention

Ensure the ongoing safety and health of your workforce, both now and in the long term.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Cost savings through decreased indemnity expenses, lost workdays, and indirect costs.

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