Preventing injuries with AI-driven safety solutions

Optimize manual handling processes with our end-to-end safety solutions

Smart Training

Automated training to promote ergonomic safety

Our advanced Wearables collect and analyze motion data to deliver real-time haptic feedback to automate ergonomic training and generate valuable insights on potential risks.
reducing injuries with AI, wearables

Ergonomics Analytics

The power of data

Leverage the power of AI-driven analytics to empower your company in uncovering opportunities for safety performance optimizations and evaluating the effectiveness of specific solutions.

Exoskeletons Implementation

Less physical strains with the right exo-solution

Tailored to the specific requirements of your workplace, the most suitable exoskeleton and exosuit solutions available are recommended.
Exoskeleton Implementation
How it
Our step-by-step workflow focuses on understanding your company’s problem and bringing to you the right solution to improve your workplace safety.


First, we use our data collection App, a tool that combines video recordings and task descriptions to identify potential risks and implement effective injury prevention strategies.



After choosing the potential solutions, their effectiveness, usability, and integrability are assessed using a combination of objective and subjective data.


and optimization

Finally, we assist you in implementing the solution and continuously optimize risk reduction in your workplace through the utilization of our sensor and AI-driven technology.

Validated and standards-based Analytics

Our team of data scientists, biomedical engineers, and ergonomists, design and validate our algorithms, analytics and recommendations based on industry guidelines and international standards. To remain at the forefront of the technological state-of-the-art at all times we partner with leading German and European research institutions.
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